D4 D4S D4R LED Headlight Bulb

D4S LED bulbs are new in the market and are preferred over xenon bulbs due to their longer lifespan and brighter output. They use the latest SANAN LED chips with a service life of about 50,000 hours. They also use two heat pipes to reduce the chip temperature, which makes the quality of the LED chips more stable. D4S LED can improve visibility by 50% compared to HID bulb. These high-quality D4S LED bulbs feature an all-metal base that is precision engineered and equipped with a built-in fan to effectively dissipate heat. These LED bulbs are plug-and-play and require no modifications to the original wiring or programming. Additionally, they are 100% canbus capable and integrate seamlessly with your car’s OBC system. These bulbs are direct replacements for all standard OEM D4S bulbs.

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